Talking to Tim Deavin


We asked Tim Deavin of the Australian national hockey team if he would be happy to do a breif interview with us in the build up to the campaign.If you didn't know Tim was instrumental in obtaining both the pictures of the Kookaburras squad in our shirts and some of the Black Sticks during the World Hockey League semi-finals in Rotterdam.It was great to get some insight into what the big names in our sport feel about our project!

The Questions

How old were you when you first started playing field hockey?10 years old I thinkHow often do you train/play Field Hockey a week?We are based in Perth W.A. and train for Australia Monday to Saturday(6 days a week) We have 6 hockey sessions and 2 gym sessions a week. As well as club games during season.Which club do you play for when you are not playing internationally?I am drafted to Hale hockey club in perth(Australian players are put in a draft in Perth and picked by the prem clubs). My home clubs are Derwent strikers in Hobart TAS, and Tamar Churinga in Launceston TASDo you play a lot of computer games?Ha ha Yes, at the moment im playing lots of League of Legends(PC) and Call of Duty(360)What consoles do you own and what is your favourite game?I own 3 Xbox 360 an Xbox and a Ps2(I run them through some homemade arcade machines), and a bunch of PCs. Hard to pick one favourite, probably FHG when it comes out :D ; FIFA series, Call of Duty series, Fable series, League of Legends and DOTA.When & how did you first find out about the FHG?Before Olympics about a year ago, I saw FHG on Facebook and I got really excited about the project.What made you want to get involved with the FHG?I wanted to get involved because Hockey is one of the biggest worldwide sports and it hasn't had a game made for it previously. Being a Hockey fan/player and an avid gamer this would be one of my favorite games. Also it will help to promote the sport of hockey throughout the world.What do you think will be the most important element of the game to get spot on?That is a hard question. Probably the flow of game play, as in how easily the game plays/is to play(so that it is easy and fun for beginners to expert gamers).


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