Hockey India League - Day 1

Kalinga Lancers went on the field against Ranchi Rays in the inaugural match of the 3rd edition of the HHIL, coming out winners 6-3 in the at the Kalinga Hockey Stadium, Bhubaneswar today.

The scores were tied 1-1 at the end of the first quarter, but Kalinga Lancers took a 2 goal lead early into the 2nd quarter.

The Ranchi Rays pulled a goal back to 3-2 early in the third quarter only for the Kalinga Lancers to regain a 2 goal advantage.

The Ranchi Rays again pulled a goal back to 4-3 early in the fourth quarter only for the Kalinga Lancers to score twice in the 58th and 60th minute and close out the game 6-3.

It was an exciting game and atmosphere as we have come to expect from the HHIL in the previous 2 seasons, we hope the rest of the games are as fast and exciting to watch!

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